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...unique atmosphere and enter the world created through custom made and unique paintings.


...catchy story where your character is in a personal search for answers why he woke up in a dark and seemingly looking abandoned house.


...the mystery of your character through exploring uknown places and dark corners of the house.

About The Game

“Prime shadow - Discover the mystery" are a game of the type visual novel from the perspective in the first person singular on the PC. the Player is playing the poor wretch which in unknown circumstances found his way to dark world. The game is presenting fates of the young man living in the undefined time and the place. The major city in which we are meeting the hero, quickly is becoming unimportant, because under the influence of more closely unexplained events, they are arousing in the completely unknown, dark place - in old; of seemingly abandoned residence. Not quite of the fact that he doesn't know where from neither if he got to that place, his appearance still constitutes the surprise and is giving rise to a lot of questions. Our hero from the young man changed into the ogre with thousands of seams and scars. In the game the hero is moving on the area of the residence, frequenting every now and then darker her corners and meeting surprising and untypical figures. Finding the reply to questions bothering the hero and the way back home is a purpose.


Game Endings


Unique Paintings to Obtain


Uniqe Characters

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